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The Leightons' Artistic Legacy

Barbara Harvey's Siblings-Left to Right-Patricia, Harry Norman, James Benjamin and Barbara Mary
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Barbara Leighton's Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
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Barbara Harvey with Doro and Pat at Sylvan Lake
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Barbara Harvey with Friends on Horseback
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Photograph of Barbara Leighton nee Harvey
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"A.C. Leighton, Famous Artist, Arrives Here to Join Staff at Tech"-The Calgary Herald
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton Teaching Art En Plein Air (Outdoors)
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Marriage Certificate of Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton and Barbara Mary Harvey
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"Well Known Artist Weds Calgary Girl At Quiet Ceremony"-The Calgary Herald
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"Untitled" Oil Painting of Barbara Leighton by Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton on their honeymoon
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Barbara Leighton's Rain Slicker
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Photograph of Barbara Leighton Cooking on their Honeymoon
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton Practicing with his Lasso on their Honeymoon
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) Leighton's Lasso
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Barbara Leighton on her Honeymoon
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Barbara Leighton with their Dog Peter on the Honeymoon
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Barbara Leighton's Journal from their Honeymoon
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Alfred Crocker (A.C.) and Barbara Leighton Travelling Together
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