Occasionally there was a need to enforce the law in the new municipality and so this badge (right)
was ordered to make the right impression. The next piece of equipment that might be needed
was a set of handcuffs (in 1932). This is the extent of the equipment supplied to the various
special constables over the years. Town
minutes mention appointment of a Constable
in May of 1911. Constables resigned to join
up in WW1 including W.B. Sanderson. In
1927 Constable Crookes (great name!) gave
up the badge to Constable Jones. In 1932
the Provincial Police were asked to take over
serious town policing. By the 1940ís the
Summerland RCMP were policing as needed
in Peachland, There is now a community
policing office and citizenís patrol. Kelowna
RCMP provide the service today.

the greatest manhunts in Okanaganís history
took place in March 1912. Boyd James and Frank Wilson robbed Charter & Taylorís general store
and post office in South Kelowna with a Colt revolver. They were arrested in Penticton and
returned under police guard to Kelowna on the SS Okanagan. However, as they neared
Peachland, James surprised, shot and killed escort Provincial Police Constable Aston with a
hidden .22 revolver, and then James and Wilson made their escape into the hills above
Peachland, where they headed North. They were re-captured by policemen Seely and Ramsay at
Wilsonís Landing. James was executed for the murder.

MURDER OF CONSTABLE NEIL BRUCE. He was responding to a complaint of a girl screaming
for assistance on April 10, 1965 at Powers Creek. Constable Bruce tried to reason with a man
known to the police. Constable Bruce approached a cabin unarmed as a goodwill gesture and
tried to gain release of a 16 year old girl who had been repeatedly raped by the suspect. When
Constable Bruce got close to the cabin he was shot with a rifle. In the commotion the girl escaped
but was shot twice. She survived. Constable Bruce was rushed to hospital with a bullet wound to
the chest. His condition improved but he took a turn for the worse and died from pneumonia
arising from the bullet wound to the lung. The suspect Russell Spears, escaped but was later
tracked and located with the help of the Haskell family on April 20, 1965 on Trepanier Bench
Road above Peachland. He was surrounded and asked to surrender. It is reported he took his
dogís, then his own life with the rifle he used to kill Constable Bruce.

THE UNSOLVED GOLF COURSE MURDER In the September of 1974 young children walking
near the Ponderosa golf course came upon a body in a small ravine. They ran home to tell their
parents that they found something that looks like a cross between a scarecrow and a person. It
turned out to to be a 15 year-old Vancouver area boy that had been beaten to death and he had
been there for a couple of months, drying in the summer sun. It is believed that he was involved
in drug dealing and had been camping in the woods nearby. There were some suspects but
never proof. The TV station did a feature on this story as one of the Okanaganís Unsolved
Mysteries. Today only a small rock pile marks the murder site below the Ponderosa Golf course.

DOUBLE MURDER - WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? On April 18, 2004 there was a deadly
shootout at a home on Victoria Avenue. Two men died and it is rumored to be drug related and
involved hit men. Few details have yet to be made public. A high school student found a bag with
a handgun and other items near the scene, and turned them over to police. It remains a mystery.

Credit 1: Peachland Historical Society