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Catching Cod in Bonne Esperance; From the Cod Trap to the Cod Moratorium
Whiteley Museum
St-Paul's River , Quebec


net, which had to be
continually fished by a crew,
Whiteley devised a cod trap
that could be left untended,
the most labour and cost
effective method of
harvesting cod ever invented.
The trap, resembling a large
room of twine with a door
sloped inwards to discourage

fish from leaving, was hauled
by a crew who then bailed the
fish out with pitchforks into
their boat.
   Whiteley's cod fishing
business thrived for many
years as the main employer in
Bonne Esperance, attracting
workers from Newfoundland and
many surrounding areas. After

Whiteley died in 1903, his
sons continued to operate the
business until the 1950's,
when it was sold to Standard
Fish Company.

   We are greatful to the
Whiteley Museum and Family
for the collections and
photos of the cod fishing in
Bonne Esperance.

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