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A Retrospective of Artists in North Bay and Surrounding Areas
White Water Gallery
North Bay , Ontario


Kathy Eckler, Andrew Hopkins,
and Katie Kirke assisted with
interviews; Elizabeth
Ashworth, Christopher
Régimbal, and Dermot Wilson,
who assisted project co-
ordinator, Heather Saunders,
in the arduous task of
selecting participants; and
most of all, the artists and

their assistants and family
members, who have been
tireless in their sharing of
   About the jurors:
   Elizabeth Ashworth is a
photographer who has lived in
North Bay since 1989. She is
an Art Educator for high
school and university, and

she is currently working on
an art textbook for Canadian
students as part of her
doctoral studies.
   Dermot Wilson,
director/curator of the W. K.
P. Kennedy Gallery since
2003, is a published fiction
writer and an artist who
works in various media,

including digital video,
digital imaging, computer
animation and performance. He
has graduate degrees in
Communication Studies, Fine
Arts and English Literature.
   Christopher Régimbal is a
writer, artist and curator
who lives in Montreal,
Quebec. From 2005 to 2006,

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