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The House of Snider in Toronto - A Canadian Clocks Success Story 1950 - 1976
The Canadian Clock Museum
Deep River , Ontario


"starburst" style were
particularly popular. During
that era, about 20 employees
produced up to 50,000 clocks
each year, using mostly
Canadian components. Michael
Snider took over when Harry
became ill in 1970. The
production of Snider clocks
ended in 1976.

   Through photographs of
Snider mantel, TV lamp, and
wall clocks, plus scans of
related documents, this
virtual exhibition explores
the great Canadian success
story of the Snider companies
between 1950 and the mid
1970s. The presentation
details how effectively the

Snider companies competed
with other Canadian companies
in the field, and reflects
how, even today, Snider
clocks are sought-after items
at garage sales and on eBay.
Look for the script name
Snider on the dial!
   Visitors to The Canadian
Clock Museum can see over one

hundred examples of Snider
clocks spanning the full
production period from the
early 1950s to the mid 1970s.

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