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The House of Snider in Toronto - A Canadian Clocks Success Story 1950 - 1976
The Canadian Clock Museum
Deep River , Ontario


   The Canadian Clock Museum
is very grateful to Michael
Snider for the wealth of
information that he has
provided over the past seven
years, including a written
history of the two Snider
clock companies, colour
photocopies of the few old

catalogues in his possession,
several photographs of family
members from the 1950s, and
sketches of the two factory
floor plans from memory.
   The museum is pleased to
recognize the excellent work
of 2007 summer student Megan
Morris, who carefully
photographed and documented

all of the Snider clocks in
the museum's collection up to
late August 2007.
   We also thank Michael
Snider's daughter, Laura (a
professional editor), for her
valuable suggestions when she
reviewed the text sections of
this virtual exhibit.

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