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The Boats of Main--Dieu & Area
Main--Dieu Fishermen's Museum
Main--Dieu , Nova Scotia


change, constant challenge
and enduring character. By
shining a light on the past,
its struggles and
achievements and the lives
and lessons of its people,
these communities celebrate
the shared experiences of a
land where roots run deep,
the sea is vast and powerful

and the peoples enduring
character is shaped by both.

   Thanks to the communities
of Main--Dieu, Bateston,
Catalone, Little Lorraine and
Baleine, whose histories made
this archive possible; and
especially Ron Phillips,
Elizabeth McDougall, Mary
Price, Mary Locke and Leona
MacNeil, whose archives made

this history possible.
Special thanks also to the
fishermen and women of the
area for sharing their
stories. Photographs
collected and archived by
Heather Campbell and Alice
Mailman. Text and layout by
Mike Targett. 2008 Main--
Dieu Community Development

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