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Glorious Glass: Wallaceburg the Glass Town of Canada
Wallaceburg and District Museum
Wallaceburg , Ontario


was replaced by automatic
bottling machines at the
Dominion Glass Company. The
mechanization of glass
production allowed the
company to produce more goods
and expand into further
markets with a workforce of
1200 at its peak. Some of the
most popular items produced

during the mechanized era
were commemorative tumblers
for local businesses,
citizens and government.
   Wallaceburg's glass
industry evolved through a
number of name changes and
mergers: Sydenham Glass
Company, 1894-1913; Dominion
Glass Company Limited, 1913-

1976; Dom Glass, 1976-1978;
Libby-St. Clair, 1978-1993;
Libby, 1993-1999. The company
closed in 1999 after it was
bought out by foreign
   The glass industry may
have left town, but its
spirit is still strong in the

community, a community that
most citizens still recognize
as "The Glass Town of
Canada." When the factory
closed in 1999, the
Wallaceburg and District
Museum began to collect
manufactured pieces of glass,
glass blown artifacts,
whimsies, factory documents,

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