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Prelude to Confederation
Mockbeggar Plantation Provincial Historic Site (The)
St. John's , Newfoundland and Labrador


Newfoundland. It played a
part in Newfoundland’s first
move toward a confederation
with Canada in 1869, when
owner James Saint was an
active confederate. Residents
of the Mockbeggar Plantation
were members of the
Newfoundland government
during the coming of self-

rule and responsible
government. It stood through
the Great War when young
resident Frederick Roper paid
the supreme sacrifice on the
far shores of Gallipoli. It
was there in the Great
Depression during the fall of
self-government for
Newfoundlanders and the

coming of the Bradleys.
Almost every great event in
our history has touched on
the Mockbeggar Plantation.
All this is a prelude to one
of the greatest events in the
history of Newfoundland and
Labrador, when F. Gordon
Bradley led the confederates
to victory and union with

Canada in 1949.

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