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Medalta Potteries Historic Site
Medicine Hat , Alberta


   This Community Memories
exhibit is a celebration of
the work of Tom Hulme and two
of the women, Rose Marie
Stickle and Engilena
Stappler, who worked with him
in Medalta's art department
during the 1940s and 50s.

   Special thanks to Shirley
Albrecht, Rose Woyciehouski,
Enge Kessler and Jim Jesse
for sharing their stories.
Without their participation,
this project would not have
been possible.
   Thanks to all the people,

past and present, whose
efforts have helped to
preserve Medalta Potteries as
a living link to the
industrial history of
Medicine Hat, including the
collectors whose generous
gifts are tangible mementos
of the period.

    "Know Your Medalta" by
Ron Getty
   "The Kilns of South
Eastern Alberta" by Ron Getty
    "Know Your Medalta:
Vases" by Ron Getty
   "Pottery in Alberta, The
Long Tradition" by Marylu
Antonelli and Jack Forbes
   "P.O.W. Behind Canadian

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