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Charles-Alfred Roy, known as Desjardins, the "boss" of Saint-André de Kamouraska
Musée régional de Kamouraska
Kamouraska , Quebec


   The Musée régional de
Kamouraska would like to
thank its partners and its
sponsors who have contributed
to the production of this
virtual exposition dedicaced
to a major figure in the
industrial history of our
region. We especially want

to mention the generosity of
madame Hélène Filion Martin,
donor and great-great-
granddaughter of Charles-
Alfred Roy, known as
Desjardins. The Musée also
wants to recognize the
contribution of Pierre
Lévesque, Theatre Profile
teacher at the Cégep de La

Pocatière, who, with the
collaboration of four of his
students, has managed to
bring back to life for a few
moments, Charles-Aldred Roy,
known as Desjardins, and some
of his relatives and friends.
   Special thanks go to each
of the following for their
support in this project :

   The municipality of Saint-
André de Kamouraska, the
Centre d'Archives de la Côte-
du-Sud et du Collège de
Sainte-Anne, the Musée du Bas-
Saint-Laurent, the Auberge La
Solaillerie, mesdames
Charlotte Roberge and Anne
Laporte (descendants of
Charles-Alfred Roy, known as

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