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The Gilmour Tramway
Dorset Heritage Museum
Dorset , Ontario


of the Trent.
   Construction of the
tramway began in 1893. The
mechanism operated in 1894
and 1895, carrying about
400,000 pine logs on the
uphill portion of the
marathon 445-kilometre water
route from Algonquin to
Trenton. Unfortunately,

technical problems and water
shortages doomed the whole
scheme. In 1896 Gilmour
abandoned the tramway and
built a new sawmill in
Algonquin Park.

   The Dorset Heritage
Museum would like to thank
the following people for
their contribution to the
museum and this exhibit:
   Eleanor Harrison, Reeve,
Angonquin Highlands.
   Janet Peake, Mayor,
Township of Lake of Bays.

   Bev Easton and Paul
Crosby for designing and
building the model of the
tramway as well as the
display surrounding it.
   Debra Perks Greenaway and
the Laurason Foundation
   Moffat and Barbara Hill
for their donation of images
and knowledge.

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