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Grand Bend - Our Stories, Our Voice
Lambton Heritage Museum
Grand Bend , Ontario


rowboat rentals, two dance
halls, picnic grounds and a
steam merry-go-round.
   By the 1910s, cars were
much more affordable and
plentiful. A series of annual
summer Ford Picnics were
organized with balloon
launches, softball games and
beauty contests. As many as

16,000 people would descend
on the town for the weekend,
confirming Grand Bend's
prominence in the tourism of
western Ontario, an industry
which is still celebrated

   We wish to thank
residents of the Grand Bend
area, especially those
involved in Partners in
Learning for contributing
stories and photos to this
project. Also thanks to
interested members of
neighbouring communities who

were willing to share their
information and knowledge.
   We especially want to
thank the staff of the
Lambton Heritage Museum and
the Lambton Room for their
guidance and allowing full
access the their files.

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