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Dateline Battle Harbour, September 1909: Peary Reaches the Pole
Battle Harbour National Historic Site
St. John's , Newfoundland and Labrador


some images are privately
held, and four maps were
created for this project.
   If we have inadvertently
contravened copyright or not
adequately acknowledged
ownership of images, please
contact us so we may rectify
the situation.

   The Arctic expeditions
and accomplishments of both
Commander Robert E Peary and
Captain Robert Bartlett are
commemorated in displays at
Battle Harbour National
Historic Site & District of
Canada, Battle Island,
Labrador. See for

additional information on
visiting this location.

    The Queen Elizabeth
II Library of Memorial
University of Newfoundland is
a great source of information
on Newfoundland and Labrador
through their various
agencies - We would like to
thank the staff in The Centre
for Newfoundland Studies

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