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The Icelandic Festival of Manitoba
New Iceland Heritage Museum
Gimli , Manitoba


large art show, a poetry and
writing contest, sandcastle
contest, a Viking Village
that has grown to the largest
Viking re-enactment camp in
North America, musical
entertainment every night at
multiple venues, cultural
displays, the sale of
traditional Icelandic food,

pancake breakfasts, a mid-
way, and much more. It now
draws as many as 50,000
visitors over a four day
period, and is not only
attended by people of
Icelandic decent but by
others seeking to learn more
about a fascinating culture
in a beautiful resort town.

Yet, the tradition of re-
uniting with family and
friends to share and maintain
Icelandic traditions remains
the most important aspect of
the festival.
   The Icelandic Festival
represents, in part, a
success story that belongs
not only to the earliest

Icelandic settlers, but to
all Canadians, because being
able to proudly celebrate our
ethnic origins is one of the
great privileges we enjoy in
our nation.

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