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History of skiing in the Laurentians
Musée du Ski des Laurentides
St-Sauveur , Quebec


industry. Our museum and its
exhibits aim to inform
people, young and old, about
this heritage.
   As the years went by,
skiing gained status as a
competitive and recreational
sport thanks to several
factors: new clubs and
associations, publications

and manuals about skiers and
skiing, improved equipment,
and better instruction. The
Canadian Amateur Ski
Association (CASA) was
founded in 1920 with the aim
of creating a framework for
skiing techniques. In 1938
the Canadian Ski School (CSS)
was formed in the

Laurentians, and went on to
become the Canadian Ski
Instructors Alliance in 1949.
   The photos and
illustrations in our virtual
exhibit serve to highlight
the exhibition's themes:
   - Equipment as an
invaluable tool
   - Services for skiers

   - A history of ski clubs
   - The importance of
   - Instruction and
coaching to develop skilled
   - The many ski
associations and their goals
   In this, our first
Virtual Exhibit, we've paid

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