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Flumes, Booms and Sawdust: Logging in the Shuswap
Chase and District Museum and Archives Society
Chase , British Columbia


population base and provided
steady economic growth.
   Throughout the years, the
forest industry has played a
significant role in
sustaining many communities
in the Shuswap region. Today
Adams Lake Lumber, a division
of International Forest
Products, is a major employer

in the western Shuswap area.
Current environmentally
responsible industry
practices have resulted in
the successful rejuvenation
of the sockeye salmon
spawning levels.

   Frank Fraser, Jack
Herman, Dan Mattey, Ross
Beatty, Betty Ann Beatty,
George Carlin, Robert Carlin,
Grant Munson, Sidney Munson,
Rosemary Howard, Kevin
Bamsey, Joan Anderson,
Theresa Scott

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