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The Life & Times of Dr. Hutchison In the Backwoods of Upper Canada
Hutchison House Museum
Peterborough , Ontario


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   The exhibit tells the
story of Dr. Hutchison's life
in Upper Canada through his
relationships with others.
While the doctor himself did
not leave behind a diary, or
very much in the way of
correspondence, some his

patients often referred to
him in their writing. The
doctor's Birth Registry 1817-
1846 and some of his patient
ledgers (1830-1838) have
survived and are among the
artifacts belonging to the
Hutchison House Museum
collection. They offer a
valuable glimpse into the

doctor's practice in the
Peterborough area.
   In 1845 Dr. Hutchison's
second cousin, Sandford
Fleming, came to live with
the family in Peterborough.
Fleming would go on to make
his mark in history. Sir
Sandford Fleming kept a
journal throughout his adult

life. When he arrived in
Peterborough at the age of
18, he wrote about his early
impressions of the community
and noted many of his day-to-
day activities. The exhibit
will include some of
Fleming's experiences in the
community through excerpts
from that time, especially

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