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The Life & Times of Dr. Hutchison In the Backwoods of Upper Canada
Hutchison House Museum
Peterborough , Ontario


ones that pertain to the
doctor in particular.
   Dr. Hutchison was a well
respected and integral member
of the early community of
Peterborough. In fact, when
he contemplated a move to
Toronto in 1836, the
community banded together and

built him a house. That house
is now Hutchison House

   Hutchison House Museum
would like to thank Trent
University Archives,
Peterborough Museum and
Archives, the Archives of
Ontario and , the Royal
Ontario Museum. The Museum
would also like to thank
staff members Gale Fewings

and Erin Panepinto and
Volunteers Ann Baker, Jean
Cole, Emily Walsh, Sarah Carr
and Tanya Szulga for the
countless hours of research
that went into this project.

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