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The JASCO Factory
Newcastle Village and District Historical Society
Newcastle , Ontario


not compete with the jewelry
and silverware cases brought
in from "off-shore". As well,
there were other factories in
the area that were hiring and
paying much larger salaries
so there was a constant turn-
over of employees. Again, the
factory sat empty for a
number of years until the

property was purchased by the
Gylatsen Family and a new
grocery store was built.
Later, the former JASCO
factory was completely
restored into 16 residential
apartments and 4 commercial
business units.
   Through old photographs,
line drawings and films, we

show how a factory built in
1848 went through a series of
transitions to present day
use. The movie and photos
show how the local
manufacturing industry
changed along with the
Village of Newcastle over the
years and how it evolved into
a useful and attractive


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