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Abandoned Places & Spaces
South Grey Museum & Historical Library
Flesherton , Ontario


their community. The Town
Square and the historic
downtown are considered
quaint and a strong tourist
draw. For others, they are a
masterpiece of architecture
and the efforts at
preservation are applauded –
they are the “Grand Dames” of
our towns. Some see them as

old buildings standing in the
way of progress. In some
cases, they are considered an
eyesore that needs to be
repaired or torn down.
   Using historical and
present day images, the
exhibit challenges how you
view the buildings (or empty
lots) in your own local

communities. This exhibit
also includes a contemporary
painting by Bonnie Gardiner
and striking photographs
donated by Bruce Brigham, as
well as examples of tools
used to create our built
heritage. These alternative
interpretations of local
places and spaces give our

historical structures new
   Abandoned Places & Spaces
began as a project in the
local schools. The project
included a program geared at
educating our youth as to
their local history, using
tangible and visual cues they
see everyday as they travel

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