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The Madawaska River-lifeblood of the formation of Combermere
Mission House Museum & Gallery
Combermere , Ontario


settlers, Combermere still
retains its links with the
Dennison family. The Hudson
family soon followed along
with the Reid, Cone and
Johnson families. All of
these families and others
played their part in the
community life and
development of commerce in

the area.
   The Madawaska River
supported no less than
fifteen steamer boats during
these times. One notable
tragedy was the sinking of
the Mayflower in November
12th, 1912, which recorded
the greatest loss of life on
Canada’s internal waterways.

Linked with the Hudson family
as operators of the vessel,
this story depicts the early
images of a surviving
property Hudson House.
   The scope for the exhibit
will include the following
   The Story Of Combermere
   The Johnson Family Story

   The Madawaska River
   The Valley Market
   Other General Stores
   The Lumber Trade
   The Dennison Family Story
   The Fur Trading Business
   The Mining Industry
   The Steamer Mayflower
   The History Of The Post

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