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Cape Breton's North Highlands: An Enduring Community



Notes on St. Paul's Island

In August, 1897 Simon MacNeil from Ingonish was killed by a water spout or whirlpool.

On December 20th, 1955 George Gatza drowned with the boat swain't chair connecting the two islands broke as he was crossing the tittle.

O May 11th, 1961 a chopper crashed on the small island. No one was hurt.

On September 19th, 1961, a 7 foot kayak canoe paddled by ward Seeley, Thetford Mines, Quebec was forced to terminate on St. Paul's Island after paddling 1800 miles in 106 days, having left Montreal June 5th. Rough weather and exposure forced the termination.

September 12th, 1966

Pilot Dominic Lessitre and Felix F. Grasso from Schenectoby, New York 170 B were forced to land at Thrinity Cove when their plane ran out of fuel en route to Newfoundland. James Rogers's assistant keeper, northeast light, risked his life by Big Island. Effort made through V.C.O. to take them off failed, R.C.M.P. at Ingonish were contacted and on September 15th, the long-liner St. Therise out of Cheticamp sailed from Dingwall to tow the crippled plane to harbor.

Four other planes piloted by friends and relatives of downed fliers made forced landings on the same night. One landed in North Harbor, another at Bay St. Lawrence, the third reached Newfoundland while the forth was thought to have crashed in the mountains between Cape North and Cape St. Lawrence. An extensive air-ground search failed to fine any trace of the missing plane and its two occupants.


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