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Atlantic Baptist Churches, Past and Present



Church newsletter began by Rev. Malcolm Smith has continued on by pastors and a publishing committee.The Sunday School, which began in 1846, has always been a vibrant component of Kingsboro's ministry. The Women's Foreign Missionary Society was organized in 1871. Recognizing the importance of using the written word to communicate the Gospel message and providing information about church activities Rev. Malcolm Smith began a weekly church newsletter. It was a two-page report -one legal size sheet. Later it evolved into an 8 to 12 page monthly newsletter - 4 pages on each legal size sheet folded in half. While the pastor and his wife produced the original newsletter, a newsletter committee now produces the monthly newsletter. From the beginning the newsletter was a success. Shut-ins and those non-resident members who were on the mailing list especially enjoyed reading the newsletter as they could keep up-to-date on events in their home church.


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