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Benvoulin Church: A Building That Reflects Its Community



People Serving as Ministers the Congregation at Bethel Presbyterian Church/Benvoulin United Church

1890 Rev. Paul F. Langill1916 Rev. David Lister

1893 Mr. J.M.Millar 1917 Mr. J.F. Briggs

1894 Dr. J.H. McVicar1918 Rev. W.H. Bates

1894 Mr. Reid1919 Rev. Peter Connal

1895 Mr. McKay1920 Rev. J.A. Dow

1896 Mr. Alexander Dunn1925 Rev. A. McMillan

1897 Mr. George Mason1936 Rev. A.C. Pound

1898 Rev. R. Boyle1940 Rev. J.A. Petrie

1899 Rev. P.D. Muir1948 Rev. R.G.S. Crysdale

1902 Mr. Charles Foote1952 Rev. Percy Mallett

1905 Rev. A.W.H. Herdman1957 Mr. J.A.B. Adams

1912 Rev. J.R. O'Brien1961 Rev. A.H. Mundy

1915 Rev. W.T. Beattie

Some of the People serving as Church Trustees

1892 Robert Munson, J. Watson, James Crozier, F.C. Conkling,

1915 Manley Burns, Alexander Gordon

1926 Alexander Reid, Archibald Hardy, Donald McEachern, William Hamill, Mrs. J.B. Fisher

1849 Mrs. McIntyre


1903 Alexander Reid

1905 Donald McEachern

Stewards 1903-1920

Alexander Reid, Donald McEachern, Andrew Patterson, W.A. Scott, W.M. Todd, Archibald Hardy, Alex Cowan, William Patterson, Wm. Hamill.


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