Norval Johnson Heritage Centre
Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Our Stories - Remembering Niagara's Proud Black History

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Buildings & Structures
Agricultural, Civil Engineering, Commercial, Cultural, Funerary and Commemorative, Garden structures, Military, Other, Public, Religious, Residential, Sports & Recreation
Advertising, Book, Certificate, Ephemera, Genealogy, Letter, Map & Chart, Other
Birthday, Disaster, Educational, Family, Historic, Leisure, Military, Other, Political, Religious, Social/Entertainment, Sporting, Wedding
Animals, Economic History, Entertainment, Fashion, Formal Portrait, Military History, Other Wars, Performing Arts, Political History, Social History, The 1920ís, The 1930ís, The 1940ís, The 1950ís, The 1960ís, The 1970ís, The 1980ís, The 1990ís, The Depression, Visual Arts, World War I, World War II
Cultivated Rural, Marine, National/Provincial Parks, Natural, Other, Other Parks, Private Gardens, Residential, Urban
Clothing/Costume, Furnishings, Medals & Trophies, Musical, Other, Recreational, Religious & ceremonial objects, Tools/Equipment, Transportation, Visual Art, Weapons/Ammunition
Children, Crowd, Family, Group, One, Two
Female, Male, Male & Female
Sports & Games
Ball, Cycling, Fishing, Ice/snow, Other, Outdoor Life, Track & Field, Water
Other, Road, Water
Image, Sound, Text
Agriculture, Commerce, Construction, Culture, Domestic, Education, Health, Heavy Industry, Light Industry, Military, Other, Public Service, Transport

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