Notukeu Heritage Museum
Ponteix, Saskatchewan

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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery

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A pin was useful for on the spot cleaning.
artifacts, Niska site
Both of these points were flinted by Henri Liboiron.
Henri Liboiron's initials are found on all of his work.
It was used to trap bison and then capture them for food.
Mr. Liboiron visited this site with the local high school.
Not wanting to offend women, Henri created an effigy in their form.
Notice the trowels made from deer antler.
Objects were measured in inches.
Saskatoon berries added a subtle blue colour to dyed articles.
Sinew is the leg or back tendon of a bison or moose.
Some of Henri's experimental pots turned out
The brown points are made of beer bottle glass.
The ingredients are dried meat, dried berries and bone marrow grease.
The Native People used sinew for bead and other stitching work.
The scale model of Mo is located at the Number 13 highway at Ponteix.
The white points are made with glass mugs.
This is 360 degree protractor that Henri used to measure tipi rings.
This is a magnifying glass.
This is the original museum in Henri's basement.

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