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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link




"Work was continued on the Coquihalla section. Because of the rough country, bridge material could not be taken in by teams, so it was necessary to build the bridges from the end of track. Track was laid from both ends of the section, bridge timber framed and ready to haul in as soon as track reached a site.

There was a very heavy snowfall in the Coquihalla country in the winter of 1915-16 so that it was late before work in that district got under way, but by the end of July the track had been connected up, ballasting done, and through trains turned from Brookmere to Spence's Bridge... There were still some snowsheds to erect, but with this exception, the much talked of Kettle Valley Railway was completed."

- from "Railway Development in Southern British Columbia" by Andrew McCulloch - Penticton BC, November, 1938. Boundary Historical Society 4th Report, 1964

Read by Jack Godwin


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