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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery




I would say that over the years, from his early childhood to his death, actually, he had many exciting discoveries. Sometimes he would come home, happier than a lark, and he would empty his pockets and with his cigarettes, out would come a nice long arrowhead. If you could find one that was perfect, that was a real joy. So it was quite often that he would come home and say 'Look what I found this morning.' But probably the most exciting would be when he discovered the Niska and the Napao sites. Then he got the archaeologists down here and they started excavating, and it was done scientifically. I think that was exciting, doing a scientific dig, because there had been quite a few digs that shouldn't have been done. You know, when you go in almost like a vandal and you just start digging up all over the place it's quite something. But then when he got to do it scientifically it was really exciting for him, the Niska and Napao sites. And also when they discovered Mo, even though it's not really archaeology. But over the years, there were many exciting discoveries. I remember him coming home lots of times with a big smile on his face and something he had found that morning. Whenever there was a big wind, 80 miles an hour, everybody would be holed up in their homes, and Uncle would be out looking in the fields. To him, a big wind was a bonus, because it would uncover a lot of things.

Guy Roberge


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