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Grand Bend, Ontario

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As a young man my dad was known to provide the one local cop with a "mickey" in order to ensure that he would turn a blind eye to the antics of him and his buddies. Grand Bend was still a pretty sleepy town even then. The cottage soon grew too small for the expanding families, even after a second floor was added to make seven bedrooms and two bathrooms, it was not big enough, so my father built a seven bedroom cottage in 1945 across the road. How he knew that there would be five more children after me, I do not know. His sister Margaret and her husband Bill Scott bought a lot just down the road where they built for their family of four. The gully separated us from the final family. My Uncle Albert married a Becker and used their cottage in Kingsmere North. In the 1950s it was the common practice for the women to spend the summer with the children while their husbands worked, only coming up on Wednesdays for a night and on Saturday after the all important golf game was completed. Both my grandfather and father had furnaces installed but my father, CF (Campbell Frederick), had constructed his cottage to be used year round and many a winter weekend was enjoyed there.


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