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Grand Bend, Ontario

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As the family outgrew the original three bedrooms, additional sleeping quarters were provided by two large canvas tents, one right beside the cottage for the small fry, the other on a lakefront bluff about a quarter of a mile away, where my brother Ed and I camped, usually with one or two friends. To us, this place was a haven of delight. Cedars and pines grew on the bluff affording some protection from the winds. The tent was well tethered to a large wooden platform base which extended about four feet in front, forming a verandah which, like the tent, was covered by a canvas fly. On the lakeside the bluff sloped down steeply to the white sandy beach. At the base of the bluff on the landside was a clump of trees overgrown with climbing ivy vines. When we had cleaned out the underbrush and trimmed the lower branches of the trees we had a natural arbour which served as our kitchen and dining room. Between the centre trees we nailed planks to form a table with benches on either side; empty orange crates nailed together formed a convenient cupboard. Our camp stove had a tall stove-pipe which projected well above the arbour.


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