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Grand Bend, Ontario

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There was much to do in Grand Bend in those days. There was a carousel, dodgem cars, roller coaster, and the casino/dance hall. Vera remembers that bathing suits were rented at the lower level of the dance hall. They were the long sleeved variety providing lots of coverage but her father remarked that you'd probably drown if you tried to swim in one. There was also relaxing on the beach and swimming in the lake. Vera's mother, Bessie, was a strong rower and would take the children out after dark to fish. My cousin, now 80, recalls swimming across the river and seeing the Indians and the fish nets with the long wooden poles. She felt very brave doing this as she was afraid of the large catfish rumored to be in the river. Both she and her younger brother spent many happy weekends dancing to the tunes of Guy Lombardo and other visiting bands. When they were older, they rented a cottage called Squirrel Haven. This was a very cottagy cottage. The toilet was outside and not very private. The interior walls did not go to the ceiling. These proved to be great fun for the men to peek over at the ladies, causing them to shriek in indignation.


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