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I can remember Mr. Prance coming by once a week with blocks of ice for the ice boxes and another vendor came by with fresh produce. The food shopping was done at Desjardins and Mr. Merner in Dashwood had the best meat.

My father would complain that he had to drive to Thedford for beer as there was not a beer store in Grand Bend. The liquor laws were strange, as the north side of Main Street [Huron County] was 'dry' and the south side [Lambton County] 'wet'. This changed with the war. The army cadets and regulars were brought in by the truck load on Saturday nights.

My first summer job was at Hank's burger joint where the Lakeview is now. I remember this well, as I was a coin collector at the time and came across a rare 1925 nickel.

Grand Bend was, and still is, a place of history and mystery. Less than an hour from London it still seems remote and away from civilization. Our renters seem to feel the same as they arrive loaded with water and food as if they needed to sustain themselves for the next week.


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