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Going back to 1800s, the position of postmaster was given to a supporter of the political party of the day. Therefore, when the political party changed, so did the postmaster.

John Love Senior operated the "Harpley Post Office" from his home on Lot 11, Conc. 20 for a period of time when the Liberal Party was in power.

In 1936-37, John Love Sr. built the first post office in Grand Bend on Main Street. Previous to that the village post office was in a general store. John built the 20 foot by 30 foot structure using trusses made from white ash trees out of the bush on our farm. He was the postmaster in Grand Bend from 1937-1943.

In about 1962 the post office moved to a location on Crescent Street in Grand Bend. In the 1980s a new larger building was built to accommodate the increasing population. The boxes were placed on the outside for security reasons. No people will hang around in the lobby and one can pick up mail at any time.

A unique feature for the early 1980s was the use of solar energy. The solar system of the present Post Office consists of 18 solar panels, called watershed collectors, mounted on the roof facing south to catch the maximum amount of sunshine. The solar panels are on a 60 degree angle for maximum capacity. Hot air flows through one duct to a rock bin, a room 1.5 metres wide by 2.4 metres long, filled 1.5 metres high with rocks. The rocks can store the heat for several days. Another duct draws cold air from the bin and the other rooms being heated by the panels. Because the system is dependent on sunshine, a back-up electrical heat system is necessary.

The building on Main Street then became a TV/appliance store and later the "Saga Bound Book Store". It is now a store by the name of "Sea Jewels".


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