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YYZ in the 90s
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A Proposal for YYZ's Tenth Anniversary

Museum exhibits attempt to order and condense a history which is complex and extensive. Methods and ideologies applied to this task produce displays which range from fifty varied artifacts placed in one case to one artifact placed in a recreated context, with many possible variations and combinations inbetween. DECALOG (tentative title) would attempt to explore common museological methods and ideologies by applying them to the YYZ documentation available. The seven historical books, the boxes of photographs and the text produced would be the only sources of information considered. These would be treated as historical documents which describe that which is now inaccessible and which was never directly experienced. There would, however, be pseudo artifacts created as an inventive measure to aid in the exploration.

As presently envisioned, the project would require the granting of several liberties. Although an attempt would be made to represent most facets of YYZ's history, gaps and personal biases would undoubtedly be evident. Also the interpretive nature of the project would result in inaccurate representations of reality. This would somehow have to be made evident to the audience and might require the consent of the original artists. These liberties, however, are essential to the project's concept; they are inescapable aspects of the constructed nature of history.

The monetary requirements of DECALOG are impossible to determine at this stage. I would intend on applying for a full materials' assistance grant which, when combined with the artist's fee, would determine the budget for me. I would then attempt to realize the idea as completely as possible within the constraints of the funding provided and the time alloted.


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