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YYZ in the 90s
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Glad Day Books, of Toronto, which specializes in gay and lesbian publications, has been fighting a long war with Canada Customs and Excise who routinely seize their imported erotic and safe sex material. In contemporary art, there has been a proliferation of images of the body that are, as the recent Robert Mapplethorpe case testifies, becoming less the concern of jurisprudence in art criticism and more the juridical property of courts of law, and are therefore under this same logic of control and restraint. The proliferation of images of bodies in art is part of a profound political anxiety about the body, in both its regressive and enabling elements. The representatinal battle being waged on the terrain of the body's image is concurrent with more overt political struggles about such issues as AIDS, racism, pornography, abortion, and violence against lesbians and gays.


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