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In a 1910 review for the provnicial government, R. Wright, Massey Public School Board secretary, reported on the histroy of local schools. He stated that Massey Public School was first organized in 199, being part of the unorganized Townships of Salter and May. It was called S.S. #1 later remnamed S.S. # 2 Salter and May and it was located on the North West corner of what is now Imperial Street and Tansy Lane. The origianl school building was sold and the two room school was built in 1896. In 1899, there were 121 students registered. After the town of Massey was incorporated as a town in 1904, the school was classified as an urban school under a board of six trustees, with Mr. Lour as chairman of the Board.

Mr. Wright wrote "In 1906 the school board set about to improve the educational standard of the School, to meet the growing requirements and encouraged the establishment of a Continuation Class. The summer of 1908 the school board added a third teacher to the Staff. Th school hasa good public library, and has fully equipped applicances for instruction in High School work. Our present school staff are Mr. R.A. McConnell, salary $950.00, Miss Mary McKenzie, salary $475.00; Miss Mary Malcom, salary $475.00. The school board, teachers and Inspector, Mr. L.L. Green have worked hand in hand in bringing the school to it's present standard, and have secured a new and more suitable site, with the intention of erecting a more suitable school house whenever funds become available."

When funds became available, the new school was built on Grove street where the post office is located today. The coninuation class grew into the Massey Coninuation School and served students from the surrounding area from Spanish to Webbwood until it closed in 1960.


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