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Mining and prospecting have long been a part of the life of Massey. Copper was first discovered in 1900 just North of Massey at the site of what was to become the mine of Massey. Shortly afterwards, and further to the West, the ore zone, which became the Hermina Mine was discovered. These two properties have been owned and explored by various companies at intervals to the present day.

The Massey mine produced 633,264 lbs of copper by 1916 and the Hermina over a million lbs by 1909. The Hermina shipped only high grade ore, dumping the rest. Exploration continued intermittently with various new mineralized zones being located. In 1965, Hermina Copper Ltd. Commenced recovery of metal from the dumps and later mining was undertaken in the area of an old adit, exploration continues. Thirty men were employed in the mine in its 1901-1902 operations. Some very rich showings were opened in 1906, but little development work was done. It was re-opened in 1915-1917 by the Sauble River Copper Mining Company with forty men employed.


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