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The Massey Agricultural Society's Early Days

It all started back in 1907, local farmers and small business men sharing a vision. They gathered with joy and visions of something wonderful. On July 13, 1907, they formed the Massey Agricultural Society and hel the first Massey Fair that fall.

From that day on it has been nothing but a wonderful time. The Massey Fair is all about family, friends, fun and a little competition. Whose cow is the best, which horse can pull the most, who can make the best Mayple syrup, or bake the best cookies. The organizers of this event start preparations early in the year and meet regularly to make sure everything is up and ready for that one fine weekend in August.

We gather with family, friends and neighbours to revisit old memories and mmet new people and create new memories. We all walk about looking at the wonderful thing that have been made by men, women and children, from the beautiful quilts to the hand painted crafts. It is always nice to sit and watch one of the main events; the heavy horse draw, the Western horse events and the English horse show. For the more young at heart, there are the Motocross, smash up derby, quad pull, and mud bogs. One of the main attractions to the fair remains the midway, which the laughs, squeals of delight, music and lights. There is the stage show that every one can enjoy and the fair food that makes everyone a child again.

The success of the event is due to the generations of families involved and the cooperation of the people from years past to years present and for years to come. If it were not for our ancestors who knows what we would be doing that fine weekend in August?

It has been 100 years since that first fair and we hope it will be around in another 100 years. It is something to crow about!


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