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Catching Cod in Bonne Esperance; From the Cod Trap to the Cod Moratorium

Cleaning cod fish on stage head
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Spreading cod fish out to dry on spruce branches.
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Cod fish drying on flakes.
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Cod fish piled after drying in the sun.
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Going to sell their dryed cod (Middle Bay)
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Fishermen showing their large cod fish.
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The Silver Thread, grounded, boat belonging to the fish dealer.
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Wooden buoy, used as a float for a cod trap.
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Stamp markers, used to mark barrels of fish.
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Weights or scale used to weigh cod fish.
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License plates isuued by government to fishing boats.
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Samuel Thomas standing beside salt-bulk fish.
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Fork or Prong used to transfer cod fish from tne boat to the stage head.
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Repairing the cod trap.
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Cod trap full of fish.
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Map showing trap berths.
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Cod  Fishery Traps and Productiom on the Lower North Shore
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