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Catching Cod in Bonne Esperance; From the Cod Trap to the Cod Moratorium

Hauling the cod trap.
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Story of the cod trap: An important element of the Heritage.
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Crew of men hauling the cod trap.
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Longliner catch of cod (41 quintles).
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Bulk of salted cod in stage.
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Forking cod fish from the boat to the stage head.
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Boat load of cod fish.
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Removing cod fish from nets.
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James Thomas forking cod from the boat to the wharf.
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Motor boat (used for catching cod fish) anchored in Salmon Bay.
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New means of catching cod fish ( construction of longliner).
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Long liner going out to haul nets.
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Longliner fleet at the dock in Bonne Esperance.
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Fishing stages at Chevalier's Cove, Salmon Bay
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Wade Nadeau, splitting cod fish.
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twine and needle (materials used for knitting and mending traps and nets0
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Plant workers weighing the fishermen's daily catch.
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Plant Workers grading the daily catch.
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