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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link
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Rolling through spectacular Myra Canyon on the "Kettle Valley Line"
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The Kettle River Valley near Midway
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Looking west over the settlement of Midway
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The town of Phoenix as it once was - nothing remains today
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The station yard at Eholt
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Copper Street in Greenwood on Provincial election day
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Approaching Midway - the last stop along the line
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Village of Midway at the Kettle River, looking north
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Looking south over the Columbia & Western Station
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S.S. Aberdeen at the Landing on Okanagan Lake
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Building the railway grade west, by hand and horse power
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Looking west through Midway and the Kettle Valley Line
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Victoria Pawsey of Kettle Valley
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Lumber from Boundary Sawmills could be shipped by rail
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Hauling logs to the banks of the Kettle River for the annual log drive
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Riding the Kettle Valley Line
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Lumber is still transported by rail from the new Pope and Talbot sawmill
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The sound of the train whistle can be heard no more
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