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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link
Images: Transport

Moving a family and their house on a flatcar
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The linegang - Allen Burkhart is at back, far right
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Catching a ride along the Kettle Valley Line
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North end of Ladner Creek Trestle; the snow shed and part of the steel span
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Diesel Engine and Plow No. 401019 near the Coquihalla summit in very heavy snow
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Plowing out after a heavy snow
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'Letting go' at Mile 132.0 Princeton
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Overnight comfort in a sleeping car
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Moving cattle to market
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Budd Car dayliners replaced traditional passenger trains in 1958
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The railway was no longer economically viable
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The Hope Princeton Highway follows the 100 year old route of the Dewdney Trail
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Cruising Highway 3 between Grand Forks and Greenwood
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Lumber is still transported by rail from the new Pope and Talbot sawmill
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The last Kettle Valley Railway passenger train
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Last KVR passenger train at Rock Creek Station
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CP Rail - a new corporate identity for the Canadian Pacific Railway
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A work train runs along the Kettle River
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