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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link

An engineer on the Kettle Valley Line
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Cabooses, conductors, brakemen and 'handing up the hoop'
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Work train in the Coquihalla
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A 5100 series engine
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Riding the Kettle Valley Line
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Wesley Shafonsky in Castlegar on the Kettle Valley Line
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Members of the WWII Women's Army Corp, WAC's, boarding the Kettle Valley Railway
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KVR telegraph operator Don Owens
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A self-propelled steam hoist at Mile 87.4
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Cutting timbers for bridge and trestle repair with a Beaver power chainsaw
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Operator's car at Mile 88.6
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Catching a ride on a speeder
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Catching a ride along the Kettle Valley Line
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North end of Ladner Creek Trestle; the snow shed and part of the steel span
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Plowing out after a heavy snow
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"Dan met me there and it was late in Fall. We were married about 10 days before..."
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'Letting go' at Mile 132.0 Princeton
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Overnight comfort in a sleeping car
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