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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link

McDuff's Shoeing Shop
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The roundhouse crew at Eholt
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CPR Engine No. 409, near Greenwood on the Columbia & Western line
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Mr & Mrs Baird W. Bubar with one of the first trains to go through Beaverdell
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Rotary plow pushing through deep snow in Coquihalla Pass
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The KVR crew at Carmi Subdivision
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Hauling logs to the banks of the Kettle River for the annual log drive
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Everything came on the railway
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Engine No. 3226 and her crew
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An engineer on the Kettle Valley Line
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A 5100 series engine
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KVR telegraph operator Don Owens
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Diesel Engine and Plow No. 401019 near the Coquihalla summit in very heavy snow
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Plowing out after a heavy snow
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As steam locomotives were replaced by diesel, fuel tanks were installed along the line
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Rails and ties lifted from the KVR line are being loaded to haul away
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Railway crew in the final days
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Last station crew at Midway, from left to right: Ned Consulo, Pete Hoosen and William Vanderburgh
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