Kettle River Museum
Midway, British Columbia

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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link

The KVR is abandoned in this photo but now it's part of the the Trans Canada Trail
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Midway Station: the train still ran to the sawmill but the KVR had been abandoned
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Relocating the station at 'Mile 0'; excavation has begun
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Every precaution was taken to preserve the old maple tree during the excavation
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The station is trucked away from its original location next to the tracks...
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...and backed onto its new site fifty meters south
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The station has been set on its new foundation and is being restored to its former glory
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Midway Station re-opens as a visitor information centre with a short section of new track
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The KVR section of the Trans Canada Trail follows much of the original rail bed
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Cycling the Kettle Valley Railway near Princeton
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Cycling the KVR near Chute Lake
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By the Kettle River Museum on the Trans Canada Trail, at 'Mile 0' of the KVR looking west
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Kettle River Museum: Midway Station was moved 50 meters back from the KVR line
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Midway Station at 'Mile O': a new home for the Kettle River Museum and a KVR caboose
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The ninety year-old maple tree shades a grassy picnic area of the Kettle River Museum grounds
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The Kettle River Museum: a history of the Boundary at work and at play
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Artifacts are diplayed indoors and out at the Kettle River Museum
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The Kettle River Museum: KVR days at Midway Station are brought back to life
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