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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link
Location: Carmi Subdivision, Kettle Valley Railway

Building the railway grade west, by hand and horse power
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KVR construction crew; the railway employed more than 5,000 workers at its peak
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A load of ties for the KVR wait at a siding
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Laying ballast on the KVR
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The KVR crew at Carmi Subdivision
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KVR passenger train at Mile 87.9, Canyon Creek, Myra Canyon
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Engine No. 3226 and her crew
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An engineer on the Kettle Valley Line
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Cutting timbers for bridge and trestle repair with a Beaver power chainsaw
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Operator's car at Mile 88.6
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Ditcher at Mile 96.3 loading cars for infilling trestles
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Catching a ride on a speeder
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A work train runs along the Kettle River
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A washout on the abandoned KVR line near Beaverdell
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Cycling the KVR near Chute Lake
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