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Midway, British Columbia

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Along the Line: the Kettle Valley Railway as a Community Link
Location: Midway, BC

Looking west over the settlement of Midway
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McDuff's Shoeing Shop
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Approaching Midway Station from the east
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"Midway is on the Map to Stay"
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Village of Midway at the Kettle River, looking north
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Looking south over the Columbia & Western Station
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Midway Public School
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May Day celebrations at the fairgrounds
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First aeroplane to fly into Midway
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Station agent Joe Davison and his daughter at the new Midway station
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Meeting the train at Midway Station
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Order boards on the station are set at 'STOP'
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Looking west through Midway and the Kettle Valley Line
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Station agent Joe Davison and family at Midway Station
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Waiting for the train on the Midway Station platform
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Distant view of the water tower at Midway Station
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An outing along the line
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Lumber from Boundary Sawmills could be shipped by rail
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