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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery
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A photo of Henri cooking his clay pots over an open flame.
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These are some of Henri's tools that he used to excavate arrowheads and fossils.
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Henri didn't know how these stones were formed or what they were used for....possibly a game?
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Petrified wood at different ages which was found by Mr. Liboiron.
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This artifact was found on the Niska site.  Henri was able to identify this object as a drill.
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Display of Henri's arrowheads
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Henri's pemmican pounder
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Henri working at Niska
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Point identification chart
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Section grid which Mr. Liboiron used for aerial photos.
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Henri Liboiron's high school graduation photo
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A pot found by Henri Liboiron
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Projectile point from the Niska Site
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This is a map of where the Niska and Napao site where Henri Liboiron found most of his artifacts.
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Display of Atlantls
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Model of Bison Run
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Model of a trading post
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The Notukeu Heritage Museum in Ponteix
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