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Ponteix, Saskatchewan

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Henri Liboiron - A lifetime of Discovery
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Henri won this trophy from the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society in 1989 for the the best display.
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Native artifacts
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In these photos, Mr. Liboiron is demonstrating how to throw an Atlantl.
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Henri's bows and arrows
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Scale Mr. Liboiron used to weigh each artifact he found.
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Rock painting pigments
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Shown here are the various tools that Mr. Liboiron used in his pottery experiments.
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Turtle effigy by Henri
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Archaeological measuring device
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Medicine wheel effigy created by Mr. Liboiron.
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An newspaper article that interviewed Mr. Liboiron at the time of the plesiosaur's discovery.
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Henri and 'Mo'
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Henri's collection at home
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Henri Liboiron's obituary
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The Fred Heal Friend of Tourism Award, given to Henri Liboiron for his contributions to archaeology
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Certificate of Appreciation from the Saskatoon Archaeological Society
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This was Henri Liboiron's house in Ponteix, where the Notukeu Heritage Museum started.
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Henri Liboiron's float in the Ponteix 75th Anniversary parade
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